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The Benefits of Camping With a SxS

Our ancestors have used horses since the BC era to get around and haul their things during exploration. 

Today, we are part of a new era that can trade horseback riding for a UTV filled with off-road accessories. Camping and hunting are made easier with the use of a side-by-side (SxS) and similar vehicles. 

On your next camping trip, consider bringing along a SxS to assist you in exploring, packing, and hunting. 

Keep reading to find out about all the benefits you can reap from bringing a side-by-side on your next camping adventure. 

Passenger Capacity and UTV Storage

Most SxS and UTVs can hold two to six people. If you like to camp with a large group of people, a side-by-side will be helpful to get your friends and family from point A to point B. 

A side-by-side is also great if you need extra storage while camping. Most UTVs can handle racks and accessories. They already come equipped with several storage compartments.

You can often find storage in the cargo pocket, under the seats, and in smaller areas all over the vehicle. When you bring along a SxS for camping, you will have plenty of space to bring along hunting, hiking, survival, and all kinds of other gear. 

Plenty of Off-Road Accessories

A side-by-side is made to be accessorized. Soft tops, headache racks, and DynoJet Power Vision are just some of the things you can add. Adding accessories like this will make your SxS the ultimate camping/hunting ride.

A roof rack may be one of the first off-road accessories you add to your UTV. These never fail to come in handy during a trip. Bulky items like ground tents and coolers easily strap down onto these racks to save space inside.

SxS Are Tough

A side-by-side can be easily navigated through harsh terrain. Mud, rocks, narrow paths, and shallow water are no match for UTVs’ power. 

You’ll be glad you brought along your SxS when you find a trail your truck can’t safely drive down. UTVs have a low center of gravity, so you rarely have to worry about flipping

Even if you flip, the side-by-side is strong. As long as passengers are correctly buckled in the cage, it should protect you from bodily harm. 

Pack Out Easily With a Side-by-Side

If your camping trip doubled as a hunting trip, you don’t need to worry about a difficult pack out. Packing out animals without a vehicle can be exhausting. Especially if you shot something big like an elk.

A UTV makes it easy to haul your animal back to your campsite or truck. It also makes it much faster. 

Get Everything You Need

Bringing along your side-by-side when camping can greatly benefit your trip. This is especially true when your SxS has all the best off-road accessories.

Offroad Armor is prepared to help you accessorize your UTV so that it can reach its full potential as a camping vehicle. Check out our product page today to find all our accessories.