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How to Choose UTV Skid Plates: Aluminum Vs. UHMW

When you’re shopping for UTV skid plates, it can be hard to choose which is the right kind for you. 

Most of the time, there isn’t a wrong answer when deciding between aluminum and UHMW. It’s up to your budget and your preferences to figure out which is best. 

In this article, we go over the advantages and disadvantages of both skid plate materials so you can make an informed decision. 

Keep reading to find out which UTV skid plates you should buy. 

What Are UTV Skid Plates 

UTV skid plates protect your safety. There are too many horror stories out there of tree trunks and more going straight through the floors of unprotected UTVs. 

You can’t always see what your ride is about to go over. Skid plates protect the underside of your UTV, so you never experience any unwanted surprises. 

Aluminum Skid Plates

Aluminum skid plates have been one of the top choices for some time now. Though it has almost as many cons as pros, many believe that its affordability and convenience outweigh everything else. 


The main advantage of aluminum skid plates is the price. They are among the cheapest skid plate materials you can buy. Also, you can repair the aluminum if it breaks, so you are unlikely to need to completely replace it. 

Aluminum is also long-lasting because it won’t rust or corrode if it is scratched. It’s also quite strong and durable. You can be pretty rough on these UTV skid plates without a worry. 


One big drawback of aluminum skid plates is all the noise they make. As the metal hits each stick and stone, you’ll hear it.

Keep in mind that it will rattle loudly no matter how secure it is. Listening to the radio or talking to your passengers can become impossible at some moments. 

Aluminum also can’t offer much for surface slickness. Trying to get over rocks and logs can prove difficult with this skid plate material. 

UHMW Skid Plates

UHMW, or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is known in the off-roading industry as a virtually indestructible plastic material. UHMW retains its shape while going over trees, rocks, and other large or sharp objects. 


This material has quite a few advantages. For starters, it’s slick, lightweight, and strong. Almost nothing in your way will be a match for UHMW’s superior protection. 

Additionally, unlike aluminum, UHMW skid plates don’t make a lot of noise. If you are rocking out to something on the radio, you won’t be interrupted by rattling or other loud noise emissions. 


The primary disadvantage of UHMW UTV skid plates is the price. They do not come cheap.

Even worse, if you somehow damage these skid plates, they cannot be repaired. You’ll have to buy a brand-new skid plate kit. 

Buy with Offroad Armor

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing between UHMW and aluminum skid plates. Both types do their job quite well, yet they have certain drawbacks at times.  

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