FIRESTORM Under Dash Cab Heater – Polaris General (All Years)



FIRESTORM Compact Underhood Cab Heaters for Polaris Rangers provide the flexibility of using your UTV/SxS comfortably in subzero temperatures. Our complete kits are customized to include vehicle specific mounting brackets, all hoses, stainless steel clamps, aluminum hose fittings and electrical connectors – No extra trips to the hardware store required.

• Highly efficient heat exchanger capable of 13,000 BTU at 0-125 CFM
• Three (3) adjustable fan speeds and heavy-duty squirrel cage fan
• Four (4) dedicated outlet ports to maximize airflow to the defrost vents and UTV cabin
• Amp draw at full fan speed: 3.3 AMP
• Four (4) 360° Louvers and one (1) shutoff valve
• High-grade radiator hose – rated -40° to 120° C
• High performance alloy Y connectors
• Defrost Components are included with every kit
• Includes all necessary hardware and installation instructions
• Includes Manufacturer Warranty

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