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Top 5 Offroad Parks in the Midwest

Are you looking to plan your trips to offroad parks after this winter season? You’ve come to the right place. 

Riding the UTV trails in the Midwest is exhilarating. Yet, if you have been going to the same one for years, you might be ready for a change of scenery. 

There is plenty of terrific terrain in the Midwest to take you side by side on and we have some great examples. Get your vehicle and your offroad accessories ready for these incredible trails. 

Keep reading to learn about five of our favorite off-roading trails located in the Midwest. 

1. Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch for Your UTV

Right outside Seymour, Missouri is this beautiful 950-acre park also known as SMORR. If you live near this park, it will become your go-to Midwest destination for off-roading. 

From beginner to advanced trails there is a path for each person you bring. The UTV is a great option to ride, but your jeep, ATV, or other stock off-road vehicle will keep you just as entertained. 

2. Missouri’s Finger Lakes State Park

Another great offroad park is Missouri’s Finger Lake State Park. Here there are miles of off-road trails just waiting for you to take advantage. This park boasts an impressive 1,128 acres. 

Beautiful hills and forests will complement your ride and make it exciting for kids and adults of all ages. If you so choose, you can camp at Finger Lakes too. Will you make this Missouri State Park your next destination?

3. The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Parks

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park presents you with 300 acres of incredible ATV trails near Marseilles on the Illinois River. Their interconnected trails feature all kinds of terrain to get you excited. 

The Cliffs Offroad park even offers tours with your side by side. For a fee, you can experience one hour of driving through the beautiful green Illinois scenery. 

If you prefer to spend more than one day in this park there are plenty of camping areas for you to stay in. Your trip can be filled with nights under the stars and days off-roading in the forest. 

4. Take Your Side by Side to Little Sahara State Park in OK

While this may be a little far from your hometown it is a must-see. Little Sahara State Park in Oklahoma draws in more than 100,000 off-roaders every year. 

Unlike previously mentioned off-roading parks, this one is all sand. The dunes take over more than 15,000 acres and are as tall as 75 feet in some areas. 

In colder months, the park hosts several events including the Sahara Snake Hunt Weekend. This is where guests compete to find the longest snake in the desert. 

If you make the trip over to Waynoka, OK, be sure to read over their regulations. Not all vehicles are allowed on their dunes. 

5. Kansas Rocks Recreation Park

Kansas Rocks Recreational Park is one of the ultimate parks in the Midwest for getting off the grid. They have almost no cell service or accommodations. Here, it’s just you, your vehicle, and your offroad accessories. 

Almost any vehicle is allowed at Kansas Rocks from Jeeps to mountain bikes. No matter what you bring there will be a trail for you to follow. They even have hiking trails if you want to use your feet. 

Get Your Offroad Accessories Ready for These Offroad Parks

After learning about all these spectacular parks you’re probably itching to get on the trails. Yet, testing all these offroad parks for yourself is more fun when you have the right gear on your UTV or side by side.

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