Universal Tire Carrier Fits all pickup trucks



With modified trucks, placing a full-size spare in the OEM location is sometimes impossible. Addictive Desert Designs has designed a universal tire carrier that will fit most modern truck beds. It is sized for up to a 40″ tall and 14″ wide tire. These dimensions are true measurements (actual measured height/width may vary slightly from tire manufacturer’s advertised height/width). The slots cut in the front and back of the carrier support a Y-strap (2 anchor points in rear, one in front). We offer a Macs strap that fits the bill perfectly. The series of mounting holes allows you to mount it anywhere in your bed, and they are also sized to allow you to mount two of them side by side. The universal tire carrier is sold individually, not in a pair. Universal Tire Carrier for 33″ – 40″ Tire up to 14″ Actual Width in Hammer Black ***Need to Drill Holes in Bed***

Addictive Desert Designs


Fits all pickup trucks



Addictive Desert Designs

Addictive Desert Designs

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 18 in


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