Universal Plow lift adapter: ( Polaris Sportsman )



Fits Polaris Sportsman ETX/450/570/1000 models ( all specs – T3, L7, offroad ) For Sportsman tractor (T3) models the part number 71.4000 is recommended instead. Also required Hydraulic Power Unit (71.0000) with Hydraulic cylinder (71.3100) or Mini-Motion Package (70.1000) to complete the kit.

Iron Baltic


  • Requires either p/n 71.3100 (hydraulic cylinder with hoses) and p/n 71.0000 Hydraulic station or p/n 70.1000 and 70.2000 to complete the kit
  • Adapter for lifting and pushing down the Iron Baltic mid mount standard plows and the V-Plows.
  • Allows onboard lifting and pushing down the plow via smooth movement during working without stopping the machine.
  • Can be used to push the plow into the ground or through thick snow.
  • Kit consist of mounting adapter and hardware, detailed installation / user manual.


Iron Baltic

Iron Baltic


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