Trail Armor Yamaha Wolverine, Wolverine R-Spec, and Wolverine R-Spec EPS Full Skids with Slider Nerfs 2016 – 2018


Get the best in under vehicle protection with Trail Armor’s full skid plate set for the Yamaha Wolverine, Wolverine R-Spec, and Wolverine R-Spec EPS. Made from our own custom blend of ultra high molecular weight polymer, these 1/2″ plastic skids are lighter than most traditional metal/aluminum skid plates (see specs below) and because they have no “impact memory”, they absorb shocks to the bottom of your vehicle without the dents, galling and corrosion of metal/aluminum skids. Trail Armor was the first in the industry to design skids with the formed leading edges (front and rear) featured on our skid plates. These leading edges protect vulnerable frame edges and wheel wells from blunt edge impacts and act as a starting edge to slide over obstacles without the resistance and drag of metal skid plates. Additionally, these skids for the Wolverine are designed side panels that extend approximately a 1/2″ past the rocker panels to protect the vulnerable sides and rocker panels of your vehicle. Compare Trail Armor’s skid set coverage with other skid manufacturer’s like items – slider nerfs are either sold separately or the bottom skid coverage ends before the rocker panel, leaving this part of your vehicle unprotected. Trail Armor’s skid plates come in easy to install panels that cover the full length and breadth of the vehicle, including the front and rear differential. Access holes to service points and oil drains make maintenance a breeze. Strategically placed drain holes allow dirt and debris to wash out – you don’t have to remove them to clean out the belly your vehicle. However, if needed, individual panels may be removed to access different areas without removing the entire skid plate. Recessed mounting holes protect fasteners from damaging blows and keeping all bolt heads from protruding the skid’s surface. All kits come with corrosion resistant hardware and photo-documented installation instructions. Installation videos, if available, are provided as a YouTube video on our site. A-Arm guards if shown installed in pictures are not included and sold separately.  Fits years 2016 – 2018.

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Trail Armor


plastic uhmw skids absorb shock to the bottom of the vehicle with no dents rust lighter than traditional metal skids. Strategically placed drain holes allow dirt and debris to wash out.easy to install jointed sections that cover the full length of vehicle


Trail Armor

Trail Armor

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