Kubota RTV 400/500/900/1120 Lexan Polycarbonate Hard Doors



Offroad Armors’ Kubota RTV Lexan Polycarbonate Hard Doors plus the front and back panels of the doors are made out of Lexan 9034 for maximum visibility. 9034 Lexan has 250 Times the Impact Strength of Glass & the 1/4″ Lexan will not bow at high speeds. The Lexan door panels and doors are supported by an 11 gauge frame which the Lexan doors are attached to. The doors are hinged to the steel frame.  The steel portion of the frame is painted with a truck bed lining paint.  The Lexan doors incorporate a paddle latch to open and close.  We include Dual Vents in each door and have added trim around the doors to create a seal.
  • Lexan Door
  • Lexan Side Panel
  • 11 Gauge Frame
  • Dual Vents
  • Paddle Latch
  • Trim Seal 

Doors work with an existing windshield, top, and back panel.


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