Universal Ice Crusher Compact Cab Heater


*** NEW in 2023! Y Fittings have been upgraded from the two piece aluminum and brass barb fittings, to single piece, Brass Y Fittings. The Single piece design makes installation faster and easier, all while eliminating any chance of leaky threads.

Compact In-Cab Universal Heater Kit for 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1″, 1 1/8” Radiator Hose

This is an outstanding Universal Heater Kit for the Do-It-Yourselfer out there. Use your cooling system to heat your cab! The heater kit includes a Three speed fan and temperature adjustment knob on the front of the 14,600 BTU heater unit. Two forward facing, 360 degree adjustable louvers direct the heat were you need it. The Heater unit includes an outlet port that connects defrost duct hose to a set of rotating vents that can be mounted in the vehicle dash. One additional rotating vent directs heat toward the footwell area. The kit is complete with a powder coated universal mounting bracket which can attach via the 4 slotted mounting points, 6ft of 5/8” premium heater hose, built in shut off valve, stainless steel hose clamps, two machined aluminum Y fittings , duct hoses, hardware, wiring, hole saw, and instructions.

Ice Crusher MaxStat – Inline Coolant Bypass Thermostat for UTV Heaters *

The MaxStat directs all engine coolant to your Ice Crusher Cab Heater, this means that the output of your heater will be at its maximum. If there is heat in your cooling system then you will have heat from your Ice Crusher Cab Heater. More heat means a warmer cab and in turn a warmer you!

MaxStat only opens to let coolant flow though the radiator when the cooling system requires it to keep the UTV engine at an optimal temperature.

Ice Crusher Cab Heaters


Universal Ice Crusher Compact Cab Heater


Ice Crusher Cab Heaters (Couper's Products)

Ice Crusher Cab Heaters


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