Hisun HS 500/700 Full Lexan Windshield



Offroad Armors’ Hisun HS 500/700 Full Lexan Windshield is truly top of the line and are hand crafted for a precision fit. All Windshields are made of 1/4″ Lexan which will not bow at high speeds.

Customize your Windshield with optional vents, rubber edging, MR10 Scratch Resistant Hard Coat, and three different styles of clamps.

With the Simple Grip Straps & Quick Connect Clamps, the top section can be removed in seconds and with vents in the lower section, your comfort level can be achieved with ease for both driver and passenger. The Simple Grip Straps & the Quick Connect Clamps are your best options for removing and then re-installing your Windshield Panels quickly and easily. Loop Clamps offer a more permanent option.

All Windshields come standard with rubber edging on the bottom.

*Full Lexan Windshield Only.

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MR10 Scratch Resistant Hard Coat

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