Can-Am Defender Max Crew Metal Roof



Can-Am Defender Max crew metal roof that looks awesome and serves a utility purpose. Like all of our UTV metal roofs, we first look at how we can add value to the vehicle in terms of: protection from the elements, space for cargo, and of course sturdiness. Style is second, but equally important with the overall goal of building the best metal tops possible for your Can-Am Defender.
All RanchArmor tops are laser-cut and pressed to achieve the overall shape of the roof “shell”. We then add reinforced sub-frame components under the top and in this case, 5 channels that run the length of the roof end-to-end to help us achieve a rigid and silent assembly. The Can-Am Defender crew metal roof attaches via 6 points on the Defender’s frame. 2 bolts in the front secure roof to factory slots in overhead roll-frame, while 4 stainless steel rubber coated loop-clamps secure to middle and rear roll frame.
Due to the length of the Can-Am Defender Max Crew model UTV, ALL roofs are what would normally be our optional “extended” versions right off the bat. The roof has a great overhand on the front that helps protect from the elements and is windshield friendly!

Can-Am Defender Max Metal Roof Specs:

  • Steel Construction with steel tubular/channel/Ai sub-frame
  • Textured Powder Coat standard
  • 14 Gauge Steel Shell
  • Upper Square Tube Rails utilizing 1″ x 1″ steel tube for a rugged and sturdy anchor point.
  • Rain “Gutters” Front & Rear
  • Direct fitment using factory holes and loop clamp fasteners. (Set the roof in place over the roll bar and use the pre-slotted holes on front of overhead pressed metal frame that came factory from Can-Am) No modification, mounts perfectly to OEM Can-Am frame. 2 bolts in front, 2 loop clamps in center, 2 loop clamps in rear.
  • Lifetime Warranty on construction

160.00 LBS

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks

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