BRP Can-Am Skid plate full set (plastic): CanAm G2 Outlander 6×6: (2013-2016)



Product fits for Outlander 6×6 models up to 2016 model year (incl.)

Iron Baltic


  • Protects the whole bottom and front part of the chassis and front, middle & rear A-arms.
  • Designed and constructed for best possible protection and to keep the maximum ground clearance, skid plate follows the frame / bodyshape best possible way, achieved by total 54 bends (with computer controlled angles) and total 300 cm long high quality TIG welding seams.
  • Additional, bolted front nose part reinforcement plate.
  • Holes for easier washing and mud draining. Holes on footwell / footrest area follow the oem plastics pattern.
  • Holes for oil changing.
  • Holes for IB Mid-mount adapter.
  • Detailed installation instruction and full mounting hardware included.


Iron Baltic

Iron Baltic


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