Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow / Harrow is a must have multi-functional accessory. A versatile tool for food plot preparation, gardening or just cutting up clumps of soil, it is also used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. Offset discs repeatedly slice the ground, loosening dirt as they cut. The integrated weight tray adds up to 80lbs of downward force. Attaches to the Impact Implements Pro 1-Point Lift System, CAT-0 3-Point Hitch or Sleeve Hitch with a single pin.

– SxS
– Garden Tractor
– Lawn Tractor

– Dimensions: 55” (L) x 15” (H) x 54” (W)
– Weight tray: 17” (W) x 17” (L) x 1 3/8” (D)
– Weight: 120 lbs
– Number of discs: 8

– Eight (8), 12″ notched, hardened steel, cutter disc blades
– Two (2), sets of four discs provide 54″ of cutting width
– Features a stable axle with two (2) heavy duty roller bearings per axle
– 15° blade angle of attack
– Integrated weight tray adds downward pressure and increases soil penetration
– 1 Year Warranty
– Easy one (1) pin mounting with the included pin
– Requires a 2” hitch receiver (not included) installed on ATV/UTV/SxS
– For use with Impact Implements Pro 1-Point Lift System OR optional IMPACT Pro 1-Point Hydraulic Lift System.

OPTIONAL 1-Point Hydraulic Lift System

The Impact Implements 1-Point Hydraulic Lift System turns your ATV, UTV or lawn tractor into an all-purpose work machine. The powerful hydraulic lift system is wired through the onboard electrical system and operates with an up/down control switch. Quick-attach, durable attachment accessories go on and off the ATV/UTV/Lawn Tractor easily with a single hitch pin. The Impact Implements 1-Point Hydraulic Lift System is easy to adjust and installs into a 2″ hitch style receiver already installed on the ATV, UTV or lawn tractors.

Heavy Duty, 14-gauge tube steel construction
Approximately 1,100lbs of pushing force and 800lbs of pulling force
Multi-height adjustments
Hydraulic lift for an additional 10″ of fine adjustments
Three (3) assembly positions allow for various starting positions for Implement accessories
Single hitch pin (included) attachment for quick and easy accessory changes
Requires a 2″ hitch receiver (not included) installed on machine.

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