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The Ultimate Guide to UTV Cab Heaters

What’s more fun than taking your side by side off the beaten trail? Exploring untouched land, and taking in the hidden treasure of nature’s beauty. We could do this year-round.

But then winter comes, and that open-air UTV has turned into a freezer with wheels. Extra layers and heat packs on all extremities help somewhat, but don’t do much to combat the ever decreasing temperatures.

Those weekend treks aren’t as fun as they used to be. 

It’s time to upgrade. Keep those winter drives fun by installing a cab heater. Read on to learn all about this efficient offroad accessory.

How UTV Cab Heaters Work

UTV cab heaters work just like traditional car heaters would. Once installed, the heating system draws on engine coolant lines. It then reheats the coolant in its own heating system, before sending it out into the cab via a fan.

If you have dashboard fans in your side by side, heat can also exit via those systems. This method is a more complex DIY process though. 

Side-by-sides are made for all seasons. The only thing keeping you off the trails in colder months is an inadequate heating system. Cab heaters are an affordable add-on to your vehicle.

Installation is also a breeze, which you’ll find out next.

Installation Essentials

Cab heaters can be purchased when buying a new UTV. 

However, if you are looking to modify your current UTV there are three things to you keep in mind before attempting the DIY. Bear in mind that a heating system will help ensure you get to where you are going, dry and warm.

Proper Heater Kit

Do you have all the parts to properly install the heater? You may have spare materials lying around in your garage; like hoses, zip ties, etc. At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself spending more to buy each individual piece needed for the installation. 

A heater kit comes with all the accessories needed to complete your own installation. If you’re not sure you have all of these accessories on hand, getting a kit will be your best bet.

Adequate Cab

Next is evaluating your current cab style. Since the heater will run off the engine’s coolant, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the device efficiently.

A properly designed cab means your side by side will heat up quicker and stay warmer longer. 

Some soft cabs can be good at trapping and keeping in heat. But it isn’t the most effective route to take. What you save in affordability, you lose in heater efficiency. Most traditional cars aren’t soft tops, right?

Hard cabin enclosures are the optimal choice. They’re versatile, as the doors can be easily removed when springtime arrives. 


Last on the list is tools. Heater kits may vary on the type of tools needed. Overall, most installations will require the use of the following:

Safety goggles, pliers, sandpaper, utility knife, and a torque wrench. 

Before purchasing a heater kit, check the product page to see what it already comes with. This will help you determine the tools required for installation. 

Stay Warm This Winter

Are you ready to take on the trails this winter? With a UTV cab heater, you’ll be all set to go. Explore the rest of our website to discover all the offroad accessories we have available.