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Off-Road Industry Lingo 101: Side-By-Side, UTV, and More!

U.S. UTV dealers enjoyed record sales in 2019 and that was even before the pandemic where more and more people began to enjoy outdoor activities. 

Did you answer an ad for a UTV for sale?

Whether the listing said side by side, UTV, ROV, or MOHUV, you know it can be a useful tool or a whole lot of fun. 

If you’re considering a UTV or side-by-side, you’ll want to know the lingo that goes along with it. Keep reading to learn some off-road industry terms, so you can fit in with the best UTV riders.

What is a UTV?

A UTV is a Utility Terrain Vehicle. It’s an off-road vehicle where two people can sit side-by-side. It differs from an ATV because an ATV normally carries one person and looks more like a motorcycle with four wheels. UTVs are larger, have more power, and can haul heavier loads. It’s more like a car in reference to its steering and wheelbase. 

Rider Language

Don’t get lost in a conversation with UTV and ATV owners. There is a ‘language’ that might sound foreign to you if you’re on your first adventure on the trails. Learn some common ATV/UTV jargon. 

Honey Hole 

This means a really great mud hole where riders like to take their vehicles. It’s the most popular spot on the trail. 

Rock Garden 

This refers to a fun area with rocks and boulders. Driving over rock gardens gives UTV owners a thrill. 


When you hear the term ‘quad’ or four-wheeler, it’s referring to an ATV or UTV. UTVs can have more than four wheels but the four-wheel version is most common. 

Bump Start

Sometimes the electrical system of the vehicle fails to work properly. In that event, the vehicle is bump started which means manually starting it by kick-starting it. 


Do you want to go mudding? If someone asks you this, it means you better plan to get dirty because the muddier the better is the motto. If you agree to go, you’ll be riding and splashing around in the mud


If someone warns you about an OREO, pay attention. This is an acronym for Off-Road Enforcement Officer or the police. 

Trail DJ 

This is the guy with the loud, souped-up sound system. Cool guy or not? I guess you’d judge the trail DJ by the music he’s playing. 

Side by Side or UTV? Which Do You Prefer? 

Learning the off-road industry lingo helps you understand the UTV/ATV world better. Get used to hearing and knowing how to use these terms to fit in with the crowd. No matter what you call them though if you’re using one for play, you’re sure to have some fun. 

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